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The project on Teaching and Learning Science, Mathematics and English (SME) in Ordinary Secondary Schools through using ICT is an implementation of the major education sectoral plans and programmes. The focus of this project is to improve teaching and learning in the mentioned subjects in 21 secondary schools.

The project implementation commenced in July 2011 with a needs analysis that helped in providing the practical scope of the project given the funds provided and the resources available. The needs analysis consisted of gauging the resources at an environment, technical and organizational level. Based on the analysis of the findings from this needs analysis, the scope of the project was re-defined, and a criteria for selecting the schools was developed.

Development Objective:The main objective of the project is to enable students and teachers in Secondary Schools use ICT to improve the quality of Teaching and Learning Science, Mathematics and English subjects by using and integrating ICTs.

Specific Objectives:The specific project objectives to be achieved in the implementation of the project in secondary schools and teachers colleges are:
  • To establish the status of resources and gaps in the implementing institutions through collecting baseline data
  • To equip the secondary schools with computer systems, internet connectivity and power supply systems in refurbished and furnished rooms
  • To enable teachers in Science, Maths and English in Secondary schools acquire ICT technical and integration skills and teaching methodologies through ICTs
  • To avail e-resources for teaching and learning Science, Maths and English
  • To have students access the identified e-resources in Science, Maths and English
  • To enable college tutors acquire ICT technical and professional skills to support the secondary schools
  • To enable implementing institutions successfully meet the objectives of the project through a robust monitoring and evaluation system

Scope of the Project
The project will be implemented by MoEVT with consultancy services from GESCI and with funding from Sida for a period of two years. The project will cover all the components of an “end-to-end” system, namely deployment of infrastructure, development or acquisition of appropriate e-resources,training of teachers and tutors, development of maintenance and management system and deployment of a robust monitoring and evaluation system.